Pushing Pancakes: The Mission East Village

What started off as a trip to Snooze, turned into having breakfast/brunch at The Mission in East Village, between 12th & 13th street off of J.

A quaint location, packed for business, full of happy people, filling their bellies with San Diego Mexican style food {generally speaking} .. hence the name, The Mission.

Our favorite ended up being.. the PANCAKES!  Yep, cake for breakfast!  The pancakes are fluffy and ever-so-flavorful.  We're already planning a trip back.

This place is moderately priced, somewhere in the $9-10 range, more or less.  They also have a coffee bar menu.  I tried the mocha, ordered as-is.  That means I did NOT ask for nonfat, nor did I request "no whipped cream".  It was delicious, so delicious my mom was inspired to order one to go. 

We were seated indoors, but outdoor seating with a decent view is also available.  Modern, Urban landscapes ..

The bathroom facilities are outside, and open up with the key that is located on the front desk near the door, connected to a giant stainless steel spoon.  Comical and convenient.

The Mission Restaurant

East Village
1250 J Street
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 232-7662

Open daily 7am - 3pm

-Becky Charms

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