A Day Trip on August 17th and Anticipating Fall/Autumn

-Stir Fresh for lunch

Stir Fresh Mongolian Grill on Urbanspoon

Mongolian BBQ - pile your bowl full of frozen meats, veggies and assorted toppings, noodles, and sauce, and watch them cook everything in minutes.  Leave a tip and hit the "gong" for great service.  You can choose a plate, or buffet. {take-home boxes available for one time through the line, but never for buffet.  Kids also have a separate price for either one time, or buffet.. and the kid drinks come in a kid cup with lid and straw!}

{the service really isn't excellent, I agree with other reviews.  But I overlook it for the ability to control the amount and variety of food and sauces {I LOVE water chestnuts and pineapple in my grill.. oh, and noodles!}.  It's the only Mongolian BBQ restaurant that I have visited, so far; I'm open to trying others.}{I do like the steamed white rice that is provided, as well as these little sesame pita breads that come with your meal, and the fact that the place is kid friendly.} 

-Lake Wohlford

Never been here before and we were feeling very adventurous.  Apparently this is Escondido's water source, and fishing is acceptable.  We just went to touch the edge of the water. 

-Bates Nut Farm

This is always a fun place to visit; especially during the October-December holidays.  They have a calendar full of events, including pumpkin patches, scarecrow contests, visits from Santa, etc.

{The Cashew Coconut Brittle below was worth every penny!!.. I think it close to $7.}

-Becky Charms

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