Khroma Makeup by Kardashians Koming Soon

Kim Kourtney Kris Khloe Kardashian makeup modeling fashion design

So here's what I found out today... The Kardashian Girls, Kourtney, Kim, & Khloé have been developing their own makeup line set to debut early 2013.  The new makeup line will be called Khroma.  What I'm wondering is if once you have your own makeup line, do you only wear items from your own line?  If you're going to sell it as the greatest thing ever, then I better not see you with makeup from any other brand.

I think all of this Konstant Kardash Konvo is putting me in a K-K-K-Koma!!

_______________Bottom Line_______________ if they send me some, I'll sample and write a review. 

-Becky Charms

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