Grilled Stuffed Burgers at Home

This kicks us off on our Grilling season.  This Stuffed Burger Press was so easy to use and to clean.  It is dishwasher safe, which is almost a requirement for me.  I'm not a huge fan of raw meat, and prefer not to touch or cook it at all, but these days I prefer eating at home and knowing what is going in my food.  
  cheeseburger hamburger stuffed ketchup grilling

We filled some of these bad boys with American cheese, cheddar cheese, ham & cheese, mozzarella, .. the cheddar and American were very tasty.  You could fill them with anything, say bleu cheese crumbles, grilled onions and peppers, grilled pineapple, cilantro and onion, jalapeƱos, peperoncinis .. meat loaf?  How about filling the inside with a chile relleno?  I'm IN!

We seasoned the meat with salt and pepper, and then hit them with a little sea salt on the grill.   As Chef Anne Burrell says, you must season your food.  It's the secret of a Restaurant Chef.

Eat that, Bobby Flay .. in fact, in his honor, our next stuffed burgers will have some green chiles and spicy pepper jack cheese.  Yes!  

cheeseburger hamburger stuffed ketchup grilling press Williams Sonoma

This new kitchen grilling gadget is very affordable, and even though it only makes one stuffed burger at a time, the time goes by very quickly, and it's fun to do with a partner.  One person touches the raw burger, and the other puts in the filling.  Fun for two, but very doable for one.

cheeseburger hamburger stuffed ketchup grilling

Hmm, the limes are just a staple in this house.  We ALWAYS have limes.  Really.  Always.   We should really plan on growing a lime tree.  Note to self .. and to you.  If you find that you ALWAYS have limes in your house, and you've yet to grow your own, consider buying a dwarf or full size tree. 

cheeseburger hamburger stuffed ketchup grilling

This picture screams "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME.  I'M STUFFED".  Literally.  Stuffed full of ooey gooey cheesy goodness, begging to be devoured and messier than a 6-dollar burger commercial.  More delicious, too.  If you've never grilled your own burgers, it's so easy and they taste so much better than fast food.  So fresh.  So juicy.  Full of flavor.  As some say, "Om Nom Nom".  We say "Num Nummies".

With the 4th of July approaching soon, get your ingredients ready to have the best grill-out ever!  Put these grilled stuffed burgers on your menu, and no one will miss the party.

 Yumm.  It was dinner.  Happy Grilling, everyone!

-Becky Charms

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