Dr. Mehmet Oz's The 48-Hour Weekend Cleanse for a Healthy Liver

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Not sure what you're up to this weekend, but Mr. Google and I have decided to take a journey and do Dr. Oz's 48-Hour Weekend Cleanse.  I originally had the idea to do a cleanse for my liver because I'm sure I've abused it until this point and felt I owed it to my liver to feed it something "yummy" and give it a break from processed food. 

Every shopping trip I buy fresh fruits and vegetables, but tend to buy the same "regulars":  apples, bananas, cucumbers, carrots, lemons, limes, lettuce, squash, grapes, cherries, with some cilantro and onions.  This time we bought everything on the list above, including ginger root, fennel bulb, and the oh-so-popular kale!  I'm so excited.

I must go now to chop the ingredients and off to bed I go. 

What I plan on learning from this cleanse:
  1. Getting more sleep.  There's no need to stay up until midnight every night. {I just did!} 
  2. Eating a greater variety of foods.
  3. Inspiration to challenge myself more: my body, my mind, my soul, & my spirit.
 Let's do this!!  It's Go-Time Baby .. {in the words of Buddy Valastro, The Cake Boss}

-Becky Charms

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