Chic & Crafty Thursday Link Up Party Fun

Every Thursday, Heidi at TheFrugalGirls hosts the Chic & Crafty Party where you can link up from your blog with your new favorite recipes, diy decor ideas, craft projects, helpful cleaning tips, and much much more.

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I try to link up whenever I've actually DONE something during the week .. well, the truth is, I'm always doing something, but it takes me much longer to focus and create the article/post.  It requires far less time to try the recipe, photograph the process, and upload the photo .. The long part is editing and decorating the photos; putting that cute little "BeckyCharms & Co." somewhere on the picture.

Thanks to TheFrugalGirls {Heidi} for hosting the party; my recipe for Easy 3-Ingredient Pumpkin Muffin Cakes was one of the most-viewed links!  Thank you, everyone!  It really is super easy!  I encourage you to try them, and customize them to your liking.  

Here's a preview and link to the original post, with an additional link to the party.

pumpkin muffin cakes cupcakes fall harvest frugalgirls recipe baking
 See the original post by BeckyCharms.

Visit and join in the Chic & Crafty Party which features this recipe and many other awesome recipes, decorating ideas, and crafts from some very talented people.  

Come and have fun!

-Becky Charms

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