Chewy Chippie Bites Soft Centered Cookies

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies dessert treats potluck san diego beckycharms

On a quest for chewy chocolate chip cookies, I saw a pin that mentioned including cornstarch in your recipe.  Oh!  Really?  Entirely new to me, my research continued until I found an amazing sounding recipe.  Alas, success!

Keep in mind that your cookies will taste the best when you use the best ingredients.  I learned from Martha Stewart that you buy the best ingredients that you can afford. 

Hello, cookie.  {smile}  You must always smile at your cookie before you eat it, out of respect.  Give it a friendly finale.   Then repeat the smile, this time indicating cookie bliss.  Ahhhh, exhale.  Guzzle a glass of ice cold milk.  Eat another.  It's Summer! 

These cookies are so moist and gooey, chocolate chewy, all accomplished with such a small amount of butter.  This came about by accident.  I'm always so precise when reviewing the ingredients list, however I managed to mis-measure my butter.  Instead of 3/4 C, I only grabbed 3/4 of one stick.  Oops, but a surprising "oops"! 

I included my business card with some gifts for Mr. Google's co-workers, never thinking that anyone would actually call me!  I was pleased when I DID receive a call to bake 2 dozen cookies for his boss/principal.  Finally we don't have to eat everything ourselves.  My subscription to Weight Watchers almost seems for naught.  {smirk}  

The final verdict on this amazing cookie recipe is that cornstarch in the cookie does make for a moist center that remains moist when kept in an airtight container {if they even last that long!}{the only reason ours have is because I baked like a million of these}.  .. I LOVE them, like, I'm going to marry them.   Nyak nyak nyak .. 

I'm also going to try and cure this dough overnight in the refrigerator, and see what kind of cookie that produces.  Just an idea for you .. of course, the dough might not survive.  SOMEONE here may have a tendency to eat refrigerated dough .. hmm, we must have a rat.

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies dessert treats potluck san diego beckycharms

For the complete recipe, including an ingredients list for a double batch, please visit BeckyCharms.

Please share your successes and failures .. Baking is experiential and experimental.  Get your hands gooey ..

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-Becky Charms

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