Almost 2-Bowl Chocolate Fudgey Skillet Brownie

A few weeks ago, we went to Las Vegas for 5 days .. and on the way there {and again on the way home} we always stop in Primm to go to the Williams Sonoma Outlet.  It's is a major highlight of the trip.  We could .. and do, spend hours in there browsing, looking, holding, touching, and eventually buying .. 

One of my purchases from this past trip was a 12" Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet by Lodge Logic.  Knowing that there are tons of things you can do with one, I wanted to start using it as soon as possible so it didn't become one of those piled-up items in the corner of the attic, the closet, the garage, that never sees the light of day.  I'm over that phase in my life.  I used to buy things and only ever wanted to look at them so they would stay brand-new forever.  Now, I open new gadgets and toys right away and start using them.  It's a process, so if you're still in the previous stage, hang in there.  With a little self-talk and coaxing, you too can transition into the "use it" stage of life.  It's much more enriching and rewarding. 


brownie skillet cast iron chocolate recipe sweet treat dessert

So this is the 2nd time using the skillet, and I wanted to bake in it .. I've watched enough Food Network shows to know what the butter and cream should look like in the pan .. I like that; knowing what it should look like before I attempt it myself.  I do some research beforehand.  I don't like to waste ingredients. 

Once the butter and half and half {or cream} are ready for the chocolate, you must stay close so your mixture doesn't burn.  This is where having your ingredients ready {Mise en Place!! .. thank you Chef Anne Burrell} are essential.  Measure everything out first and have it handy so when you need it, you won't have to run all over the kitchen in a panic looking for it, in turn making an even bigger mess than necessary.  Been there, done THAT!  Plus, not only am I the Baker, the Prep Chef, and the Cook .. I'm also the Cleaning Crew!  If my husband's heard it once, he's heard it a dozen times:  Rinse Your DISH!!  

Mix your chocolate, until it's melted .. I melted mine almost all the way .. I wasn't too concerned if there were small lumps or chunks, because in the end, it was going to be in my brownie .. which would then be in my tummy!

brownie skillet cast iron chocolate recipe sweet treat dessert

Whisk it, mix it, pour it in the pan .. set it in the preheated oven, and check it at about 25 min ..

My first time through {which was last night}, I checked the doneness at 35 min, per the instructions I received.  At that time, it should have been gooey, but as you can see from the picture below, it wasn't.  Though still absolutely delicious, I believe the time depends on what size skillet you use, and mine is a 12".  To be safe, check your brownie at 20-25 min, and then remove or bake longer accordingly.

brownie skillet cast iron chocolate recipe sweet treat dessert

I really enjoyed how EASY it was to bake this brownie {notice how I say "this" as if it's just one big brownie that I have no intention on sharing! .. Hahaaa}.  Anybody can do it, and you can add virtually whatever you want to it; nuts, chocolate chips on top, m&ms, .. I'm thinking Oreo chunks would taste good. 

Let me just say, that I already had to cut up the rest and freeze it for later, or we would have it all eaten by TODAY!  Just knowing that there is a 1/2 stick of melted butter in this recipe makes my mouth water. 

Lodge Logic, you've got a good thing going here!!  I LOVE my Cast Iron Skillet ..  Just using it makes me feel like the Pioneer Woman.  {insert smile and wink here}

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-Becky Charms

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