5 Days in Vegas from Start to Finish

My mom and I took my baby girl, Tiny Baker, to Las Vegas for a girls' week to rest, relax, and have a really great time.

We began and ended our trip with a doctored up Venti Iced Coffee from Starbucks...{here's the secret...are you ready for it?  I order my mom hers: a tall iced coffee, no room, unsweetened, decaf add shot, light ice.  And then mine: a grande iced coffee, no room, 3 pumps classic, light ice.  Then we order 2 Venti Cups of Ice {ONLY}...and take our coffees to the coffee bar to add our Breve {fancy word for 1/2 & 1/2!}

So here's what we did:
-Stayed at Tuscany Suites & Casino
-Headed to Caesar's Palace
-Watched Atlantis show twice
-Made faces at the fish
-Lunched at Cheesecake Factory
-Taste-tested a dozen cupcakes from Retro Bakery {review to come}
-Swimming & Hot Tub
-Rod Works store
-The Farmers Wife store
-Marilyn's Cafe
-"The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" at AMC Movies, Red Rock Hotel
-Williams Sonoma Outlet Store in Primm {2 times, coming and going!!}

Foursquare Wi-Fi Hot Spots Check-Ins en route to Las Vegas

Rest Stop on the way to Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas Sin City

starbucks coffee temecula california

country sign home decor shabby chic farmers wife family mercantile temecula california

farmers wife mercantile shoppe temecula california country home decor

be reasonable do it my way wall sign home decor shabby chic country fresh

rod works iron store craft home country cottage shabby chic

cupcakes dessert retro bakery mini cakes

caesar's palace las vegas atlantis show underwater animatronic

caesar's palace las vegas cheesecake factory restaurant

big winner slot machine las vegas hotel casino nevada

{Did you see that?...above photo?  That hardly ever happens!  I wish the max bet would've been more than 50¢!}

BeckyCharms' betting tip::  play machines that you can afford to bet the MAX.  You have to play big to win big...{but find a machine you can afford.}

It was a very fun trip, getting away from the daily grind and vacationing with great people; my mom and baby.  Flawless family travel.

The Tuscany Suites & Casino have frequent super deals, this time being $28/day + resort fees  {that's a super deal for a budget}.  For the price, you can't beat it.  Especially when we were able to stay an entire week!!  The more you stay, the better "Return Customer" rates you receive.  Of course, you won't find DJ Pauly D spinning here, but that's okay.

See a review for the Tuscany Suites & Casino by BeckyCharms on Yelp, and leave your own comments for others.

-Becky Charms

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