Charming Stamped Muslin Drawstring Pouch/Bags with Mushroom Toadstools

When I shop for a present, not only do I search for something that will be cute, useful, charming...but also for something super cute to wrap it in!  It is, after all, the first thing you see!: the wrapping.  

After seeing Martha Stewart's Woodland Forest Wedding cakes, not only did I KNOW that it had to be mine, but I've also had a not-so-secret love for cute little mushrooms, toadstools, gnomes, and all things woodland fairy forest.  They're so charming, don't you agree?  

There are endless possibilities for which these bags can be used!...anything forest-y, fairy, spooky, Halloween, Gnomes, Renaissance Faire-ish, Woodsy...Perfect for gifts, treats, birthdays, weddings, parties, corporate events, fundraisers, game nights, treasure hunts, soap bags, potpourri, spices, herbs, tea...{like I said, ENDLESS possibilities}

Official Listing:

Set of 8 Muslin Drawstring Pouches Mushroom Toadstool Woodland Halloween Goth Fairy for Gifts Keepsakes Favors Presents Birthdays Weddings

This listing is for Qty. 8, but you can order any quantity you'd like.

Share the charm with those you love!  They will love you for it.

To see these and more charming treasures visit BeckyCharms on Etsy.

-Becky Charms

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