UPDATE: {I was Bullied at Starbucks}

I emailed Corporate Responsibility as well as Regional, and promptly received replies from both.  On behalf of Starbucks, the Customer Service Reps apologized and informed me that they would forward this incident and information to other contacts within the company, as well as contact the Regional Manager in charge of the particular store where the incident happened.  {Plaza & Grove in National City, CA.}

In addition, they sent me 4 drink coupons to make up for the maltreatment, and wished me a "Starbucks" day.

{Though I'm unsure if this is entirely over, I appreciate the effort they made to apologize to me.  So, thank you Starbucks.  I am not going to punish every Starbucks employee for the mistake of one.}

-Becky Charms

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