Potstickers, Coconut Rice, & Green Beans with Almonds

With a sink full of dishes and a longing for eating at home {I just bought groceries, and we usually eat out despite the fact}, I was determined to make dinner and prepare at least 3 different foods to eat.  I have never made this kind of dinner, and was very excited to try new recipes.

You see, I have a new way of thinking.  First of all, I now only buy food that we will eat, and want to eat.  Second, if I'm going to try a recipe or make dinner at home, I want it to taste good so if that means I have to buy the "real stuff", then that's what will happen {I will measure and count my points, period}.  Case in point: This coconut rice called for Premium Coconut Milk, so that's what I bought.  No skimping.  No "Lite".  This was my first time making this rice, so I wanted to make sure that I made it how it was supposed to be made.

Here's how I did it:

1. Prepare the coconut rice and start the rice cooker.
2. Prepare and cook the green beans.
3. Prepare and cook the potstickers.

Dinner is served.  Total time took about an hour.  

We sat down together, prayed, and had a lovely dinner.  The clean up was well worth the quality family time...and Mr. Google and Tiny Baker loved the dinner...especially the green beans!  She devoured them!

 ...{whistling}...some of us had seconds...I'm just saying!

-Becky Charms

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