Low Tea at a High Table

This past Saturday, Pilgrim Lutheran Church in Chula Vista hosted their Annual English Tea Party to benefit the Alaska Mission Group.  Individuals pick tables to host and decorate them special for their guests, and include things such as fancy napkin rings, creative centerpieces, place tags, etc.  My mom hosted our table and decorated it with a "Spring" theme, complete with bunny napkin rings, a nature bunny centerpiece, and mini carrot chocolates!  Should I say it?  I'll just say it.  Should I say it...Adorbs!  

Spring Bunny

We were served tea sandwiches, scones with Double Devon cream {apparently clotted cream from Cornish is the same thing, but there's a trademark on it...at least that's what we were told at the tea. However, according to this article, it's not true...who knows?  Our tea host is from England...so...}, and of course, we drank traditional English Tea {decaf was also available}.

Then we were served a tray of home baked sweets and treats...There weren't enough on each tray for the attendees to try one of every mini-bite, but I think we tasted enough. 

The presentation also included 3 short movies with pictures from previous trips to Alaska, and a PowerPoint with additional slides of landscape shots and ambiance. 

Beautiful China, mom!  Great Job, everyone! I even overheard many people say that this was the best Tea!

If you're interested in attending this event, please leave a comment.  I will post details ahead of time for next year's English Tea.

-Becky Charms

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