Chicken and Biscuits:: FAIL

Looks can be ARE deceiving!!

The biscuits were the ONLY edible part.

I had some frozen chicken tenders and thought I'd try a "Chicken & Biscuits" recipe for the CrockPot {Slow Cooker}.  My mom has been saved on numerous occasions by her trusty CrockPot.  If it can work for her, surely it could work for me.  NO.  It can't, and it doesn't.

I no longer root for SlowCooker cooking.

I started with Google to find some recipes to compare for this chicken; A cross between "Chicken & Dumplings" and "Chicken & Biscuits", since we already had the biscuits from the day before. 

Chicken slop
Here are the instructions NOT to follow:  Do not cut up potato, carrots, and onion and put in the CrockPot.  Do not empty two expensive cans of organic cream of chicken soup from Sprout's.  Do not cover with water.  Do not cook on low for 8 hours. 

Solution:  Go to the grocery store and buy a Pot Pie.  Really.  Didn't you see the photos?  Bleh!!

I don't blame you for not eating it, baby!

These are the not the typical posts I like to publish, but I had to show the ugly...It won't happen often.  This dinner was disgusting.

If you have a great recipe, please share!

-Becky Charms

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