Pinning, Pinning...on Pinterest

If you were wondering, how you can get MORE of me, find me on Pinterest.

Check it out.  It's amazing being able to collect your virtual design collaborations into one spot, for personal reference and the ability to share your ideas with others.  It's a community.

Here's direct access to all of my amazing pins and boards...and a few of my newest pins:

Piggy Macarons

Quilt Square Valentine Cookies

Pouf Fairy Wand

Button Cookies

 Lately I'm been wrapped up in finalizing everything for Tiny Baker's 3rd Birthday Party.  The theme is Tinkerbell!  So I've been searching and searching for inspiration...if you know anyone interested, I've been building a board with this theme as well.  She's Turning 3 Tinkerbell Party.

In order to join Pinterest, you must request an invitation, or if you know someone who has it, they can email you an invite.  

It's a world worth joining.  Happy Pinning, everyone.  

I can't wait to see your inspiring pins!

-Becky Charms
2012 Cheer & Triumph

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