Corner Bakery Cafe Bfast Panini: A Review

Attn: Corner Bakery Cafe, Mission Valley, CA.

FYI: That means, "for your information", for your information...anyway, FYI, if you're going to offer a promotional for a menu item and require your customers to pick a "reservation" time, your store should be OPEN during that reservation time.  Really?!  That's right.  I picked the 7am-8am time slot, because it was the only time slot open for today {Sunday, 1/29/12} and I figured it was the weekend, I'd have no problem getting there.  So Tiny Baker and I hopped in the car {of course husband was still sleeping...wasted coupon for him} and drove out to Mission Valley from South Bay San Diego, arrived around 7:50ish, walked up to the front doors of the Cafe and...LOCKED!  Locked?  Locked!  Really, locked?  Yes!  We saw a few employees inside, double checked the hours of operation, double checked our coupon, and sure enough, 7-8am, but the restaurant doesn't open until 8am.

Marketing Fail!

Let's discuss this supposed item they wish to call a "Panini"...which should really be called a "Panino"{but that's a whole 'nother post".  I was imagining thick, rustic slices of pane, grilled to perfection, melted swiss{according to their description} cheese oozing out of the sides, soft fluffy eggs, and nice thin slices of shaved ham.  Flavors uniting, melding, marrying...My mouth was watering.  I had been anticipating this very moment.  The crunch was coming.  I unwrapped the package, rolled out my sandwich, my eyes open wide with excitement, and this is what I saw...

Objects on screen are MUCH smaller than they appear...and more wilted

Personally, I like cheddar better than swiss, so that error will be forgiven.  The spinach could be skipped altogether.

It came with a small cup of:


However, I'm not sure how fresh it looked kind of creamy inside.  It was something I had no desire to try.

The best part?:

This is iced water, with squeezed lemon wedges and a few packets of Splenda {usually 1, sometimes's all "to taste"}.  It's my new favorite drink.  Bonus:  it's free!  The catch?  I made it myself. 

The biggest issue I had was with the bread.  I would've preferred a thicker slice, that was actually toasty.  This bread was about 1/8-1/4in thick, with grill lines, but not toasty one bit.  The flavor was, OK.  Nothing spectacular.  The ambiance is cozy, though.  I hope they have a better promotional next time that will sway me.

I rename this sandwich a "Pa-NO-NO".  Try again, Corner Bakery Cafe.

Corner Bakery Cafe
1025 Camino de la Reina
San Diego, CA 92108
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-Becky Charms

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