Day 9 of 25 Days of Christmas


Chocolate Gingerbread House Petit-Fours Snowy Village [Featured on FrugalGirls!!] {recipe adapted from Martha Stewart, found here.}


I followed the recipe pretty much to the "t".  I creamed the butter, then added the brown sugar.  Next I added the molasses and eggs, and beat them until creamy. 


Add all the dry ingredients together to make a nice layered mix.


It's really been crazy hectic lately.  Catching up with blogs, COUPONS, getting everything ready to open a small business, raise my almost-3-year-old tiny baker, clean the house, and catch up with those dredded dishes.  Oh, and Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!  I do enjoy giving presents, and have tried not to stress about it this year.  And I do love to relax with a nice hot Venti White Mocha nonfat no whip from Starbucks.  So when the stress does start to get to me, I like to hop in the car and speed on over to my local drive-thru Starbucks and pick up a nice cup of coffee {fancy coffee}.  It just makes me feel happy, like "I deserve this".  Mmm.  


Anything with brown sugar is anything worth eating!  


Charming molasses jar.  You know I bought it because of the jar, right?  My mom had to have one too.


After the mix was made, the cake was baked, and everything had been cooled down, I made the cuts, assembled the houses, and voilà!  These are best eaten the same day, and will be a bit dry by the next day, even when stored in an airtight container.  I used Snapware.

Find the printable recipe and many more wonderful recipes here

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