Starry Eggs & Toast


I know I grew up being told NOT to play with my food, what about you?  My best friend from childhood and I would spend more time at lunchtime laughing than eating.  Her dad would bark at us to pipe down and not waste our food.  Now, speaking from the parental side of the spectrum, I have found myself start to say things like this.  However, because I love so much for my tiny baker to explore and discover, I instantly quiet myself.  She just enjoys playing with her food like none other. 

Another pleasure in her life is surprises {who doesn't like them, right?}.  She receives so much joy when I make or bake her something, so I knew that she would appreciate the efforts I would go to in order to create this simple, yet delightfully delicious and super starry meal.  

I made 2 Starry Egg Toasts, and started with:
  • 2 pieces of bread {these pieces were from a free loaf from Target...Market Pantry brand}
  • 2 eggs {Costco!...but there really is a distinct difference in flavor from Farm fresh eggs...}
  • 1 star cookie cutter {any brand and cutter will work...anything that fits your piece of bread} {I got this from my mom's house...I prefer metal and copper cutters for my cookies, though plastic is kid-friendly!}
  • 2 clementines {we call them tiny/mini oranges}


 I whisked my eggs and poured the mixture into the center wells of the bread while it was toasting in the pan.  You could break the whole egg into the star cutout, which I see most people do.  My kidlet won't eat the yolk if she can see it, and there's a satiety factor from eating the entire egg, so I scramble them.  We do eat egg-whites only sometimes too!   


I poured a little too much egg into the center of the first egg toast I made.  When it cooked, it overflowed a little over the top of the toast.  The second one I made I decreased the egg and it cooked much faster, plus visually it was much more definable and appealing.

Tip: If you scramble the eggs, you could get away with filling 2 slices of toast with one egg. 


Peel and assemble clementine pieces around the plate or bowl, almost to appear like a flower or starburst.  

I love to see happiness and joy on the faces of my friends and family.  This meal didn't particularly take any extra time to prepare.  It's easy, it's fast, and it's been all laid out for you here, so try it next time you want to create a smile for your loved one or yourself!  You'll like eating toast in star shapes too!!

-Becky Charms


  1. What a great idea! You are such a fun mommy :) I hope she enjoyed it.

  2. Thank you! She loved it...she's wild about stars.


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