Mini Heirloom Tomatoes


These are my new favorite tomatoes!  Seriously.  They are both delicious and nutritious...and cute!  They are mini heirloom tomatoes, for sale at Sprouts/Henry's for $1.99.  I noticed they have a thicker skin, and don't spoil as quickly.  They are a beautiful addition on top of a green salad, make up their own salad, or just eaten.  They're sweet, and each color has its own unique flavor.  Some containers even come with a bigger greenish tomato that looks just like a mini watermelon, yet still tastes like a tomato.  My personal favorites are the little orange ones, the yellow ones, & the black cherries.  Most likely because they're not as common here as the red tomatoes.






I mixed some mini tomatoes, diced cheese, olives, red onion, & cooked rotini, with a little italian dressing to make a sort of antipasto salad.  Yum yum. 

I've also been hearing about candied tomatoes...I've seen them on the Food Network and those Challenges shows...I bet these would be delicious prepared in that manner.  

Go pick some up today and try them..ok, maybe not today.  The store might be closed.  How about tomorrow, first thing? 

-Becky Charms


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