Chilly Cocoa


I figure around this time of year one would expect to combine the above ingredients and blend together to make a nice, delicious warm beverage to heat up the soul given such harsh Winter conditions.  I live in San Diego.  We don't know the meaning of Winter.  So I had heard rumors of a frozen hot chocolate and decided to make my own, with my favorite items.


I followed the directions on the Starbucks Cocoa tin {2 heaping Tablespoons of cocoa, 8oz milk}, and simply added some Benefiber powder {a few teaspoons} and...the magic ingredient...ICE!  Because I have a VitaMix, and highly recommend getting one, it only took me a few seconds to blend up this perfect San Diego Winter Beverage!!  [Side note: The VitaMix has a 2HP motor, so anything with a 1HP will do as well...or any blender that will crush and mix the ice.]

This was a perfect way to share some cocoa with my tiny baker girl, since I didn't have to be afraid that it would be too hot for her.  Brilliant!

  • Garnish with some mint, or even blend some in it to make a chilly mint cocoa. 
  • Add a little peppermint extract or broken up peppermint candy cane to make a peppermint cocoa.
  • Add some espresso or strong brew coffee to make your own chilly mocha! 
  • Add both mint/peppermint and espresso and make a chilly mint/peppermint mocha!
See how easy this is?

-Becky Charms


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