Weight Watchers with Dr. Oz

FYI, I'm not really too familiar with Dr. Oz.  I've seen parts of his show maybe 2 or 3 times.  I neither know what channel it's on nor what time it airs.  However, I AM familiar with Weight Watchers, being a Lifetime Member [meaning at some point in my life while following the program I reached my goal weight, and maintained it for 6 weeks] back again for my 2nd go at it, after getting married, gaining weight, moving out, gaining weight, getting pregnant, gaining LOTS of weight, having a baby, gaining more weight...  Weight Watchers is the only lifestyle change I've ever really attempted, other than trying not to eat.

I joined the first time when I was 23, weighing around 170lbs something.  I think I was 177.  I made goal at 146.4lbs, and remained there for about the total amount of time it takes you to blink....once.  And so here I am, returning to my roots, where my food education began, where I and many others have been successful with the right tools to live out our everyday lives, being faced with food and challenges every day, weighing today {Tuesdays are my weigh-in days} at 197.8!  That's right, down one pound from last week.  I love it.  I love every victory, and if/when I am up, I don't let it stop me or get it my way.  I know I can make it...but I only want to with Weight Watchers
Fruit is 0 points+.  Seriously, with it I never have to feel hungry, I always know my better food options, which ones will keep me satisfied longer, without any restrictions.  It allows me to be flexible.  It allows me to be spontaneous.  It allows me that celebratory piece of cake.  And ha, if it's good enough for Jennifer Hudson, isn't it good enough for anybody?  I mean, she is a celebrity and all.  {smiley}  
Jennifer Hudson [singer & actress]

Now back to WW and Dr. Oz.  At my meeting last week my leader, Cherie, told us and inspired us to join the Transformation Nation campaign that's going on right now with Dr. Oz and Weight Watchers.  If you've never heard about it, go and read about it.  It's called Transformation Nation Million Dollar You.  The winner who is picked as transforming the most will win 1 million dollars...hello!?!  One Million Dollars.  Who doesn't want to try for that?  Positive energy, good vibes...

I think what is truly exciting and motivating is that Dr. Oz, this well-known and very popular doctor who shares his knowledge in layman's terms with viewers so that we can all understand has picked Weight Watchers as THE healthy way to eat better, lose weight, and live a life the way it's meant to be lived.  He didn't pick Jenny Craig.  He didn't pick Atkins.  He didn't pick Medifast.  Do you know why?  Because those programs don't and won't teach you how to eat, nor will they teach you how to live your life with your biggest temptation, food, yet triumph over it while still consuming it.  Food is tricky because we all need it to live, yet sometimes it's hard not to overeat.  It's not like alcoholics where they just quit drinking.  Nor is it like smoking where you just stop smoking.  Food is essential, so it's important to learn about food and get educated.  You want to feel great.  But most Americans don't.  We feel heavy.  We feel slow.  We feel sluggish.  This is an opportunity to make a change, today.  We all talk about doing it, so here's some extra motivation:  1 Million $$$.  Yeah buddy!

Needless to say, I joined, and I'm sharing it with you to give you the opportunity to join in for the best cause of all:  YOU!  Each individual will benefit from this.  This is for everyone.  I challenge you to challenge yourself.  Go Transform!!

-Becky Charms


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