Pumpkin Season Day 1

Happy October 1st!  Today begins pumpkin season.  Oh, I know that it's already Fall, but because Fall begins in the tail end of September, October really starts off Halloween and Pumpkin Season for us.  It's like the official "go ahead and get to crazy decorating".

Our family has a fairly new tradition of going to Bates Nut Farm every year to pick out some carving pumpkins, buy some squash, eat lunch, take a pony ride...we're the crazy family that buys a gigantic Big Mac pumpkin!  Yes, the average weight is 100lbs.  Wow!  It is really fun to see it out on the porch.  I imagine if we were to ever cut it open, those seeds would be HUGE!  It would probably make a ton of pumpkin pies.  Ours just sits on the porch, looking spooky and wicked, enticing curious trick-or-treaters to take a closer look.  They really should BEWARE!  We've learned through the years that the more gnarly the pumpkin, the better.  We no longer look for the perfectly round.  Martha Stewart helped us learn to appreciate this quality.

This year my little girl is really getting excited about dressing up in a costume and going trick-or-treating.  She loves pumpkins!  This magical age of 2 1/2 where she is beginning to understand things, and has a definite opinion about everything.  Last year she was a Tinker Fairy, and the year before she was a Ladybug.  This year's costume has yet to be determined...but here are some fantastic costume options for anyone who is also looking.  

Wishing you all a splendid October 1st!  Happy Haunting and Delightful Decorating!!

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