A Day of {un}Rest

I was milling about this morning, undecided about what I wanted to do.  It was too late to go to church...it had already started, and with a sink full of dirty dishes, I didn't want to stick around to find out who was going to pull the shortest straw on that one.  It's me.  It's always me.  [insert eye roll here]

I decided to head on out to 24 Hr to get my move on! 

-elliptical w/moving arms
Set to "fat burn" level 7
{33 min} including cool down

Stretch at treadmill

Walk for {15 min} at 3.2-3.5 incline 1
Run for {15 min} at 5.2 incline 0.5

Favorite workout song:
Waka Waka by Shakira
{in English y español}

Hey, you have to get out and get moving somehow to compensate for all the pumpkin pie you're going to eat this Fall. Right?!

It helps increase your memory and coordination...so you can do all those pumpkin crafts and get decorating for spooky, or not so spooky, Halloween.

Fun & Easy Flannel Pumpkin

How will you get moving today?  Park a little farther from the store, take the stairs,...just some quick suggestions and easy ways to get in a little more activity.  It all adds up!
Fun, Festive Idea::

Check out these delicious and absolutely adorable mini pumpkin cookies::
 Yum yum

These are just charming and the perfect pumpkin for any and every Fall, Autumn, and Halloween party.  Visit Sugarnums... {yes, it's one of my shops!}

Ok, I guess I'll go tackle that mountain of dirty dishes, all the while thanking God for blessing Josephine Cochrane for inventing the dishwasher.  Of course it was a woman.  She was tired of washing dishes too. 

 -Becky Charms

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