Autumn Carnival Chaos & Treats

 ...Today seemed like one of the busiest days for me, and it was mostly all mental.  In fact, I had to make several lists today [pretty much with the same things on them] in order to clear my brain of all the clutter and mind-racing confusion.  Starting yesterday I realized that I only had 2 days [including yesterday] to get my daughter's costume ready for our church's Fall Carnival, and then spaced about the fact that I had also signed up to make some treats for the annual Cake Walk.  I heard that people wanted something fresh and new, not just the usual boxed mix cupcakes.  Ok, no problem.  Here it is, the night before, and somehow I still have to go to a Walk-A-Thon tomorrow morning, and get my baby girl ready for the Carnival...and fit in making and delivering the treats.  Yikes!  So while browsing and perusing the online adventure of the internet, here are a few things that I felt were definitely mentionable, bookmarkable, and as soon as Pinterest sends me my invite, Pinterestable.

{click on the pics for the recipes and tutorials}

These all come from Taste and Tell Blog::

By the way, I still haven't made any treats and I'm still sitting on the couch browsing and perusing the internet while watching TV.  Ay ay ayyyyyyyyyyy... oh yeah, and waiting for my Pinterest invite...


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