Apple Pie Gum!

I've tried this Sugar-Free Gum, and I love the Apple Pie flavor [they have other flavors, as you can see in the picture, like Strawberry Shortcake.  Apple Pie is my favorite].  In fact, my mom, dad, and husband all love it as well.  It's such a delicious way to feel indulgent without adding unnecessary poundage to your body.  Plus, it's good for your teeth after dinner...the same time you would have something sweet. {I suppose this wouldn't be the perfect "dessert" for those who eat dessert before dinner.}

Target {I found this deal at the Target in Plaza Bonita, National City}, sale until 10/8.  Try it out.

Plus, for the price, $1.89 for 3 packs!  That's usually what you would pay for one!  You may even have a coupon to make the price drop even more! 

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-Becky Charms


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