Thursday, November 19

Thank Goodness It's Thursday No. 97

Thanksgiving is next week!  Are you ready?  To be honest, I know that I probably am ready, but don't feel ready.  We are going to my cousin's house in Ramona, about 40 minutes away, and I get to meet the newest babies in our family.  One little boy already turned one, and the baby girl was born earlier this month!  It feels so nice when your family grows and you have more people to send Christmas cards to, more people to care about, more people to include in your prayers, and more people to love.

We're wishing you a very special Thanksgiving this year, with lots to be thankful for, and tons of stories to blog about afterward!!

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Wednesday, November 18

What I Learned From My Social Media Break

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, how appropriate that my article today is about how I went on a break from social media... cold turkey.

Let me preface by saying that I love social media.  Not for gimmicks or scams, but as a genuine creative outlet.  I'm a stay-at-home mom, whatever that means these days.  I rarely ever stay home.  I'm always driving around, running errands, figuring out the finances, and brainstorming about how to make money on the side of my already jam-packed busy schedule.  I can only imagine how my daughter feels.  She has scheduled activities three days a week, and goes to school for a full day.  Needless to say, we don't have as much time together as we used to, as much as I need, or as much as she requires.

What I Learned From My Social Media Break by BeckyCharms

Wednesday, November 11

Naked Juice Fage Greek Yogurt Smoothie Parfait

 Here is a super quick and easy breakfast or snack for you to enjoy when you're short on time but craving something fresh and delicious.

I picked up some of these Naked Juice smoothies from Costco, as well as the Fage 0% Greek Yogurt.  They're both healthy and packed full of nutrition for your body to give you a jump start to your day.

I call this my Naked Juice Fage Greek Yogurt Smoothie Parfait.  It's fitting, isn't it?

Naked Juice Fage Greek Yogurt Smoothie Parfait by BeckyCharms

Thursday, November 5

Featured Post

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