Sunday, March 29

Disney Fairy Wings Graphic Art Recreate

Disney Fairy Wings Graphic Art Recreate by BeckyCharms
Disney Fairy Wings by BeckyCharms
One thing I've learned since having a daughter: little girls..most little girls love fairies, especially mine, and I do everything I can to keep that magic alive.  This means we look together for fairies in the garden, we check twice before swatting at flying insects just to make sure they're not a fairies we're squashing, and I acknowledge that fairies are, in fact, real.  Yes, I believe in fairies.

Tinkerbell started as my favorite Disney Fairy, and was also my daughter's favorite.  Since the new fairy movies

Thursday, March 26

Thank Goodness It's Thursday No. 64

Hello and welcome back!  This is BeckyCharms & Co., my blog page, and this is our weekly linky party where you can link up to your projects, recipes, diy, decor ideas and so much more.  If you've been working on it, have a blog, and want to share, this is the place!

Then, your hosts/hostesses choose their favorites from the party and feature them the following week at the next linky party!  Sound like fun?  I thought so.  Your featured post will appear on 3 different blogs and websites {BeckyCharms & Co., Jordan's Onion, & Ruffles & Rainboots}, gaining incredible exposure all while meeting new friends.

We inspire here, and our goal is that you will share your beauty and talents with us.

Whew, Thank Goodness It's Thursday!!

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Wednesday, March 25

Thank Goodness It's Thursday No. 63

Thank you for joining us this week for Thank Goodness It's Thursday!  Let's see what's been happening..

Thursday, March 19

10 Somewhat Useful Steps on How To Be Kinder and Live A Happy{errr} Life

10 Somewhat Useful Steps on How To Be Kinder and Live A Happy{errr} Life
You know, like there are 10 steps to be kinder and live a happier life, but there could be more.

10 Somewhat Useful Steps on How To Be Kinder and Live A Happy{errr} Life
  1. Go to bed on the right side.. of the bed.
  2. Wake up on the right side of the bed
  3. Drink more.. water.
  4. Run more.. away from the fridge.
  5. Don't procrastinate.. or at least, don't wait to.
  6. Get a head start.. so you're not a foot behind.
  7. Drink milk.. pick one, it doesn't have to be cow's anymore.  Even nuts make milk.  How?  We'll never know.
  8. Accept life's mysteries, and eat more Frooty Pebbles.  It's the perfect throat protector, with that film it leaves behind.
  9. Tell the truth.. to yourself, and to others.  Lie to yourself and others, and they will see that you're just a liar.  Then you'll spend the rest of your life being upset that you constantly have to prove how you're not a liar, knowing darn well you are, you just don't like that other people think you are.  Tell the truth.
  10. Love everyone, but love whomever you want.
{{Images created with +PicMonkey and imagination.. real life imagination.}}

Thank you image from BeckyCharms
Thank you for reading.. and apparently, you like it.

You've made my life happier and made it easier for me to be kind by reading my blog.

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Courage & Kindness,

Tuesday, March 17

St. Patrick's Day 2015

green shamrock with text wishing you a Happy St. Patrick's Day with digital cute bugs by BeckyCharms
The Luck O' the Irish

From my green shamrock heart to yours {I'm not even Irish.. I don't think}...

Thank Goodness It's Thursday No. 62

Thank Goodness It's Thursday Linky Party Fun

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