Tuesday, December 31

Happy New Year's Eve

This will be my last blog post of 2013, the year of Faith & Fruition.  I have witnessed miracles happening due to Faith, families surviving because of Faith.. 

In my own life, my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer early this year, and after surgery, then an emergency trip to the ER, and Radiation Therapy.. his results came back CANCER FREE!  

We never would have survived this journey without FAITH.  

As far as fruition.. 2013 was about making moves, taking the initiation, and simply starting to get things done.  

So now, for 2014, we have Purpose & Pizzazz.

I look forward to observing and analyzing the purpose of things, of situations.  There is a purpose for why things do work out, and why things don't.. which is usually so something else WILL work out.  

We're also going to add some strong energy and appeal into life by adding some PIZZAZZ!!  Flair it up, get life going!  Rev things up a bit.  Pizzazzle it!!   

From my family to yours, we wish you all a wonderful New Year, with countless blessings!  

Happy 2014, the Year of Purpose & Pizazz!!

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Faith & Fruition, 

Saturday, December 21

The Perfect Holiday Roasted Chicken Recipe

The Perfect Holiday Roasted Chicken Recipe - BeckyCharms & Co.

It's dinner time, again.  Every day around 5pm, my family starts to get hungry for dinner, and every day my husband wants something hearty, filling, and loaded with MEAT!  Yep, he's a meaty meaty meat-eater.  I eat meat too, but not like this guy.  He'd eat en entire chicken in one sitting if I'd let him, and if the rest of his family weren't present...  Heck, he'd probably eat a entire cow if he too had three stomachs.

Do you know anyone like this? 

I always bake, but don't "cook" that often.  I'm great at arranging ingredients, like taco bar, burritos, sandwiches.. which are tastyriffic.. but cooking, that's another story.  That's today's story.

Thursday, December 12

Driving Around Looking At Christmas Lights is A Holiday Tradition

Driving Around Looking At Christmas Lights is A Holiday Tradition by BeckyCharms

First trip of the season was an impromptu drive through Christmas Circle in Chula Vista.  Last year and the year before we walked it, but this year, at least for this visit, we stayed in our car and drove around.  And you know what?  I liked it!  It was warm and cozy, and we didn't have to freeeeeeeeze outside.  Brrrrrrr.

Look what else we saw!!

Tuesday, December 10

Late Night Homemade Que Bueno Nachos DIY Food

Late Night Homemade Que Bueno Nachos DIY Food Taste better than Taco Bell by BeckyCharms
Vegetarian style..

I opened up a #10 can {6lbs 10oz} of Que Bueno Nacho Cheese just so my husband and I could have a cupful..with popcorn.  Then he had a brilliant idea.  He would go to the store to buy chips!

Cheesy gooey goodness, heck yes we say!!  Irresistible!!

Microwave Popcorn In A Bowl DIY REVEALED

Microwave Popcorn In A Bowl DIY REVEALED by BeckyCharms

Tonight on Facebook, one of my friends posted/reposted a recipe for homemade microwave popcorn using a large bowl {Pyrex or similar} and a plate that would fit over the top.

The claim is that you don't use any oil or butter, and that ALL the kernels will pop.  Let's see.

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