Thursday, November 21

Donut Competition and Some that Really Raised the Dough and Set the Glaze

    I like donuts.  Donuts are soft and delicious, sweet and flavorful.  Donuts give you cheer and stir up happy childhood memories.  Donuts remind me of Sunday mornings.  
     One thing's for sure, donuts are not what they used to be.  Donuts are not just Winchell's and Yum Yum.. Donuts are dapper, fit for lords and ladies, gentlemen and business class.  
    There was a donut contest I don't even know how long ago {sometime this year}, and I always love to enter these creative writing things.. so here were my entries.  They just popped in my mind.. I am full of ideas, and I'm okay with them being "good", "great", and "throw them out".  
    You decide.  I hope some of these make you lick your lips and at the very least, may you say "hmmm".  While your pondering my creations, what's your favorite donut?
    Banana Split Donut: Raised donut, with banana cream filling, chocolate glaze, with micro diced fresh strawberry and dried pineapple on top.


    San Diego TaquerÍa Donut: Churro Donut with cinnamon & sugar, halved with a super thin slice of shredded beef, micro diced mango, and avocado with sprinkling of cotija and whipped crema topping {with or without the meat would be good}


    Black and White : Donut with Half chocolate glaze, half vanilla bean


    Giraffe Donut: a Stretched Bar with maple and chocolate glaze in a giraffe print. {SD Zoo theme}


    Home Run: Donut with Peanuts and Cracker Jack topping..


    Red Ruby: Red Donut with Strawberry and Rhubarb filling, red glaze and topped with a decorate pie dough on top.


  • Lavender Shortbread Donut with glaze and a sprinkling of Sea Salt on top {or Fleur de sel}
    Donut Hole Skewers!!


    The Oprah: Cocoa Donut with a mocha filling and a dark chocolate glaze with a sprinkling of edible glitter because she shines bright like a diamond!
  • Morning Mojito: Sugar donut, with a lime zest glaze, a sliced maraschino cherry and mint leaf on top. {with or without booze}
    And even though the competition is over.. I just thought of:
    Salt n Pepper donut.. inspired by salt and pepper potato chips, it would be a Peppered Potato donut with a sweet glaze and sprinkling of sea salt or any other fancy salt {e.g. Fleur de sel} 

    Now That's MONEY!!

    Leave a comment and tell me what you think!!  Link back and leave a comment if you try one.. I'd love to see the photos of your finished edibles!!

    Like, Follow, and Share the charm..

    Faith & Fruition,

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