Saturday, January 26

Dummberry Is A Lover, A Dreamer, Like Me

Dummberry Is A Lover, A Dreamer, Like Me as Kermit The Frog by BeckyCharms 2013, 2013, art, arte, beckycharms, cartoon, drawing, dummberry, illustration, lifestyle, Muppets, Kermit The Frog, San Diego, social, social media, twitter, vegan

Dummberry Is A Lover, A Dreamer, Like Me

Dummberry the snail has found another costume for today.. I wonder how he does that with his eyes.. Maybe he's wearing some of those fancy contacts!

Check him out, dummberry as Kermit The Frog.. he makes me smile, how about you?  He's looking at me, with those eyes.  Oh kermie.. er, I mean, dummie.  {-smile-}

Who knows?  Maybe one day he'll inch his way right into the Sunday funnies.. I always called them comics, or cartoons.  It was my favorite section of the newspaper.

I love sharing my imagination with you..grab a drink and a snack, and browse through past posts.  If you like something you see, share it!  Follow the fun and subscribe.

Don't miss what dummberry's doing next.. 

Best wishes, and..

Faith & Fruition,

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