Saturday, August 25

Mini Pumpkin Pie Bites

pumpkin, pie, fall, autumn, halloween, October, san diego

I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but here in San Diego it's been very Fall-ish; overcast, cool & breezey, feels like Pumpkin Pie weather!   

pumpkin, pie, fall, autumn, halloween, October, san diego

I love the bite-sized factor of these mini pie bites, and being able to eat more than one!  I follow the recipe from the can of Libby's 100% PURE PUMPKIN {not pie mix, just pureed pumpkin} to the T. 

pumpkin, pie, fall, autumn, halloween, October, san diego
 Make your dough, because you'll need to chill it.  {I love to use a standard Pate Brisee.. my favorite is in Martha's American Food by Martha Stewart} Then, take out the dough, mix the pumpkin pie filling, and with a circle cutter or ruffle/wavy round cutter and push it into the mini muffin tins, then pour in your filling.  Bake.  Cool.  Eat.. Repeat.

pumpkin, pie, fall, autumn, halloween, October, san diego

 Perfect for all occasions, and available year round thanks to canned pumpkin!

pumpkin, pie, fall, autumn, halloween, October, san diego

 Ahem, did you notice the flaky crust?  It's homemade.. the best way to go. 

Tips:  You can add spice to your crust, maybe some minced crystallized ginger to the top before serving..

{These didn't last long enough to share.. so make some more!}

My mom has been using Libby's Recipe for pumpkin pie my whole life, and it's my go-to.. I add a little more spice and a little less sugar.. but here is the Original Recipe for Libby's Famous Pumpkin Pie

-Becky Charms

Thursday, August 23

Tuna Melts with JalapeƱos: Spice it up

tuna melt sandwich grilled jalapenos San Diego 

tuna melt sandwich grilled jalapenos San Diego 

tuna melt sandwich grilled jalapenos San Diego 

tuna melt sandwich grilled jalapenos San Diego

Spice it up.  Spice up a plain ol' tuna melt with some yummy nacho jalapeƱo slices.  Ta-a-a-a-sty!!

It's what we're eating now.  Savory.  Cheesy.  Spicy. 

I cook mine in a toaster oven, under "Broil" for about 10min., or until cheese bubbles.

Why aren't these in diners and restaurants here in San Diego?

-Becky Charms

Monday, August 20

A Day Trip on August 17th and Anticipating Fall/Autumn

-Stir Fresh for lunch

Stir Fresh Mongolian Grill on Urbanspoon

Mongolian BBQ - pile your bowl full of frozen meats, veggies and assorted toppings, noodles, and sauce, and watch them cook everything in minutes.  Leave a tip and hit the "gong" for great service.  You can choose a plate, or buffet. {take-home boxes available for one time through the line, but never for buffet.  Kids also have a separate price for either one time, or buffet.. and the kid drinks come in a kid cup with lid and straw!}

{the service really isn't excellent, I agree with other reviews.  But I overlook it for the ability to control the amount and variety of food and sauces {I LOVE water chestnuts and pineapple in my grill.. oh, and noodles!}.  It's the only Mongolian BBQ restaurant that I have visited, so far; I'm open to trying others.}{I do like the steamed white rice that is provided, as well as these little sesame pita breads that come with your meal, and the fact that the place is kid friendly.} 

-Lake Wohlford

Never been here before and we were feeling very adventurous.  Apparently this is Escondido's water source, and fishing is acceptable.  We just went to touch the edge of the water. 

-Bates Nut Farm

This is always a fun place to visit; especially during the October-December holidays.  They have a calendar full of events, including pumpkin patches, scarecrow contests, visits from Santa, etc.

{The Cashew Coconut Brittle below was worth every penny!!.. I think it close to $7.}

-Becky Charms

Sunday, August 19

Breakfast at Cafe 222 : A Review

Husband was sleeping.  Toddler was up.  The time was 6:30 am.  This is unreal.

After entertaining toddler with TV, drinks, and me snoozing on the couch, I heard the inevitable, the unavoidable:  "I'm hungry, mama."  Of course you are.  And why wouldn't you be?  It's been .. the time was 8:30 am.  ..that's right, 2 hours had passed.  It was time to get up and get on with it.

I dressed us and shuffled our dragging .. my dragging body to the car.  I was taking my girl out to breakfast!  {no bother with the hubby, better to let cavemen sleep.}  My intentions were to go somewhere fun, and wherever we ended up, it would NOT be at Denny's.

I knew of a little place downtown that a friend had taken me to before {to meet her then-boyfriend, which is an entirely different story} that I thought we would give another try.

I start panicking looking for change, thinking that I'm going to be forced to switch sails, but as miracles would happen, I found the one and ONLY meter open, with 35min remaining.  This is OUR day.

I drop in a few quarters to add more time, and we are set to eat.  Let's go, baby girl.

We stroll, hand-in-hand, owning this town, ready to order up anything on the menu.  We are SO money.  Inside seating for two, please.  No highchairs.  No boosters.  We've got this.

Drinks?  No thanks.  Brought our own because we like what we like.

Super simple.  We'll have the famous Peanut Butter and Banana Stuffed French Toast and a Bowl of Fruit.  Done.  No hassles.

The food came quick, the fruit was fresh, the french toast stuffed as promised.

We had nothing but smiles, and happy tummies.  A small box to go.  No complaints.  Nice tip.

We were off, on to the next Cafe, the next Culinary Adventure.  Life is short; taste the flavors.

san diego tiny toddler outside downtown walk

Cafe 222 on Urbanspoon

-Becky Charms

Sunday, August 5

Pushing Pancakes: The Mission East Village

What started off as a trip to Snooze, turned into having breakfast/brunch at The Mission in East Village, between 12th & 13th street off of J.

A quaint location, packed for business, full of happy people, filling their bellies with San Diego Mexican style food {generally speaking} .. hence the name, The Mission.

Our favorite ended up being.. the PANCAKES!  Yep, cake for breakfast!  The pancakes are fluffy and ever-so-flavorful.  We're already planning a trip back.

This place is moderately priced, somewhere in the $9-10 range, more or less.  They also have a coffee bar menu.  I tried the mocha, ordered as-is.  That means I did NOT ask for nonfat, nor did I request "no whipped cream".  It was delicious, so delicious my mom was inspired to order one to go. 

We were seated indoors, but outdoor seating with a decent view is also available.  Modern, Urban landscapes ..

The bathroom facilities are outside, and open up with the key that is located on the front desk near the door, connected to a giant stainless steel spoon.  Comical and convenient.

The Mission Restaurant

East Village
1250 J Street
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 232-7662

Open daily 7am - 3pm

-Becky Charms

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