Sunday, July 8

San Diego FREE Bike Helmets for Kids 12 and Under

fashion valley mall san diego bike helmets free offer discount deal coupon couponing kids

ATTN: San Diego, CA

FREE Bike helmets for kids 12 and under .. to the first 250 people on Saturday, July 15 at Fashion Valley Mall ..

-Becky Charms

Friday, July 6

Paletita Mini Paletas Mexican Frozen Bars Perfect for Summer

paletas popsicles frozen ice cream dessert kids Summer


I was at my mom's house, checking her fridge and freezer for something to eat because I'm always eating, and noticed that she had these MINI PALETAS.  If you've never heard of these, seen these, or even tasted them, they are really yummy.  Then factor in that they now come in a MINI size, well I always LOVE prepackaged portion control.

She bought them from Food 4 Less {Part of Ralphs}, so I headed there straight away.  

paletas popsicles frozen ice cream dessert kids Summer

My mom had the creamy bars, so I didn't know that the fruit bars even existed until I got to the store .. I was so excited.  Can you tell?  I just bought them a few hours ago .. Tiny Baker and I each ate one as soon as we arrived home.  She had strawberry, I had lime.  

Perfect for tiny hands and smaller portions .. amaaazing!

paletas popsicles frozen ice cream dessert kids Summer

Did someone say "Prepackaged Portion Control"?  Oh yeah, I did .. The creamy bars are super creamy and refreshing, but the regular sized bars are usually 4 or 5 points+ each .. That's not a lot of bang for your .. points!  But notice here, you can have 2 fruit bars for 2 points+, only 1 p+ each!  .. and creamy, 2 bars for 4-5 p+!  SCORE!!  {this was a Weight Watchers reference}

paletas popsicles frozen ice cream dessert kids Summer nutrition facts

If you were wondering WHICH Food 4 Less I went to, it was the one in National City {in San Diego, CA} by Toys R Us .. Check your stores; request them if they do not currently stock these.  They are worth the effort!

paletas popsicles frozen ice cream dessert kids Summer

I love color, I love flavor, I love paletas!  How about you?

-Becky Charms

Wednesday, July 4

THE Stuffed Zucchini Boats Full of Yummy

baking zucchini rice quinoa weight watchers san diego beckycharms 

Zucchini on the brain?  Yesterday was the day for zucchini.  Two of my friends posted pics online of their famed zukes; one grew them and the other received what I believe to be the largest zucchini I've ever seen.  My passion lies in baking, but every now and then I oblige to my husband's wishes and actually cook something or prepare a meal that isn't just dessert.  

I googled for a few recipes for stuffed zucchini before deciding to wing it and make my own.  I've been practicing a little more and a little more, delving into the savory side of life.  Delving, not taking up residence.

baking zucchini rice quinoa weight watchers san diego beckycharms 

I had some leftover ground beef from a few nights ago when we made stuffed burgers.  I heated up my cast iron skillet {which I recently purchased from Williams Sonoma Outlet}, and love to use it every chance I get.  I heated some minced garlic, browned the beef, was going to sprinkle in a few onion flakes when I noticed that the shaker top was NOT on, I had nearly poured the entire bottle into my pan.  Thinking this was a terrible mistake, I was just about to remove some when I smelled the meat, and it smelled delicious.  I seasoned my meat with salt, pepper, and cumin, added some minced/diced Ortega green chiles {chopped pretty small so Tiny Baker wouldn't really notice them, bwa ha haaa}

corn grilled baked roasted cob san diego beckycharms 

Roasted Corn?  Every chance I get!  Thank you to Tyler Florence for posting the easiest directions ever!  Preheat oven to 350 deg. F.  Place corn in the husk directly on the oven racks.  Bake/Roast for about 35min, or until tender.  I left mine in for about 40 min.  Take it out, peel, and eat.  The corn doesn't need anything; no butter, no salt.  It is so delicious, earthy, and natural. 

baking zucchini rice quinoa weight watchers san diego beckycharms 

We finished the meal off with some juicy ripe watermelon, cut into chunks.  We like to eat it plain, or sprinkle with a little Taj√≠n seasoning for a lemony spicy kick.

A HUGE "Thank You" to our nice friends, Paul & Katie, for gifting us with these delicious homegrown zukes straight from their farm in Jamul. 

If you would like to try these delicious Stuffed Zucchini Boats Full of Yummy, please visit BeckyCharms for the complete recipe.  

-Becky Charms

Monday, July 2

Grab Bag 7/2: Awesome Ideas

San Diego Late Night Lounge .. "Midnight Mass"

I was thinking of a fun, classy establishment to hang out at, and thought wouldn't it be awesome to call up your friends and ask them,

"Hey, you goin' to Midnight Mass?". 

How about, "I'll see you tonight at Midnight Mass!".

I love it.  Do you love it?  Thoughts, comments?

-Becky Charms

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