Thursday, June 28

Chewy Chippie Bites Soft Centered Cookies

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies dessert treats potluck san diego beckycharms

On a quest for chewy chocolate chip cookies, I saw a pin that mentioned including cornstarch in your recipe.  Oh!  Really?  Entirely new to me, my research continued until I found an amazing sounding recipe.  Alas, success!

Keep in mind that your cookies will taste the best when you use the best ingredients.  I learned from Martha Stewart that you buy the best ingredients that you can afford. 

Hello, cookie.  {smile}  You must always smile at your cookie before you eat it, out of respect.  Give it a friendly finale.   Then repeat the smile, this time indicating cookie bliss.  Ahhhh, exhale.  Guzzle a glass of ice cold milk.  Eat another.  It's Summer! 

These cookies are so moist and gooey, chocolate chewy, all accomplished with such a small amount of butter.  This came about by accident.  I'm always so precise when reviewing the ingredients list, however I managed to mis-measure my butter.  Instead of 3/4 C, I only grabbed 3/4 of one stick.  Oops, but a surprising "oops"! 

I included my business card with some gifts for Mr. Google's co-workers, never thinking that anyone would actually call me!  I was pleased when I DID receive a call to bake 2 dozen cookies for his boss/principal.  Finally we don't have to eat everything ourselves.  My subscription to Weight Watchers almost seems for naught.  {smirk}  

The final verdict on this amazing cookie recipe is that cornstarch in the cookie does make for a moist center that remains moist when kept in an airtight container {if they even last that long!}{the only reason ours have is because I baked like a million of these}.  .. I LOVE them, like, I'm going to marry them.   Nyak nyak nyak .. 

I'm also going to try and cure this dough overnight in the refrigerator, and see what kind of cookie that produces.  Just an idea for you .. of course, the dough might not survive.  SOMEONE here may have a tendency to eat refrigerated dough .. hmm, we must have a rat.

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies dessert treats potluck san diego beckycharms

For the complete recipe, including an ingredients list for a double batch, please visit BeckyCharms.

Please share your successes and failures .. Baking is experiential and experimental.  Get your hands gooey ..

I'm linked up with this week's Chic and Crafty Party by TheFrugalGirls! Click below.

-Becky Charms

6/28 Pinkberry Froyo in San Diego Benefits Children's Hospital

children hospital pinkberry froyou frozen yogurt beckycharms san diego

Not sure why they waited so long to post this on FB, but I just received it.

Print this flyer and head on over to pinkberry in Hillcrest, San Diego until 10pm!  That means you have about 2 hrs left ..

GO!  There's time .. help the children and support the Rady Auxiliary Young Professional Unit, all while enjoying deliciously frozen tasty treats.

-Becky Charms

Tuesday, June 26

SeaWorld Orlando Offers Better Toddler Prices

Apparently, in Orlando, Florida children 5 and under can get a FREE pass to Sea World {Orlando} .. 

Registration for this expired May 31, 2012 .. 

What I want to know is why wasn't this deal available in SAN DIEGO??  Scandalous ..

Anyhow, if you live in Florida, this deal is open to you .. read more about the Preschool Pass.

Catch up, San Diego!!

-Becky Charms

Cottage Food Law and Supporting Home Bakers and Local Businesses

per Christina Oatfield:
 URGENT!! The Health Committee Chair, Senator Ed Hernandez, has indicated he will oppose the bill unless it is amended to remove the provision that allows home food producers to sell to local shops and restaurants. This is a really important part of the bill to preserve and we need to let him know that this is important to thousands of supporters across the state. Please call him and let him know that you as a food producer and/or consumer don't want this unnecessary restriction placed on the local sales of home made goods in the California Homemade Food Act (AB 1616). His Sacramento office number is (916) 651-4024. Call tomorrow TODAY during business hours if you can. If you can't, call whenever you can and leave a message.

Learn more about Cottage Food Laws {it's NOT cottage cheese!} that will help small, locally-owned businesses and home-based bakers be productive in their local economies. We NEED a sense of community.
Show your support and Like the "Enact a Cottage Food Law in California" page on Facebook:
california cottage food law bill home bakers small businesses

Spread the news!  The quickest way to teach people and make them aware is by word of mouth ..  

-Becky Charms

Monday, June 25

Post Cleanse Advice and When to Eat

Let's rename this cleanse the 19-Hour Liver Cleanse .. That's the point at which I thanked the Heavens I was on Weight Watchers, and didn't HAVE to experience any more quinoa-with-prunes torture, or kale mush juice.  Some say "yummy", I say "crummy".

I like that we tried something new.  I appreciate the cleanse for that purpose .. and there was one recipe that I didn't mind, and would drink again.

Pineapple, Lemon and Pomegranate Blend-Free Detox Drink:
If you don’t have a juicer to make the first drink, mix up this easy detox concoction with ready-made juices and cut with water.

3/4 cup unsweetened pineapple juice
1 lemon
1 cup unsweetened pomegranate juice
3 cups water

Obviously, mix all together and pour. 

taken from Dr. Oz. 48-Hour Cleanse

I was never told by the doctor that I HAD to do a cleanse.  I voluntarily attempted this 48/19-hour task to feel better and challenge myself.  I had all the challenging I needed.

Dr. Oz states that he does this cleanse about 3 or 4 times a year, whenever he's feeling bloated.  Don't quote me on this, but I'll never do this one again.  No need.  My liver is 19 hours cleansed. 

If you have been contemplating a change in lifestyle and have a desire to try something new and different {and don't mind a giant bowl full of mushy quinoa and prunes}, feel free to try this cleanse.  Most of the post replies were positive.  I guess everyone has to try it themselves and come to their own conclusion.  I just wanted to share my experience.  Dr. Oz also says that he's never hungry on the cleanse.  I know I wasn't hungry because I didn't want to eat any of my food options, so I lied to myself and said I wasn't hungry.  Like I said, that only lasted 19 hours.

Happy 1/2 way healthy livers everyone!!

I can't wait to bake a delicious dessert ..

Should you decide to do this cleanse, make sure no one nor anything is tempting you during .. including PINTEREST!!  Just shut off your computer and lay in a hammock. 

-Becky Charms

Toys R Us FREE Chuggington Wooden Train 6/24-6/30 ONLY

Here's a super deal, whether or not you have kids.  You probably KNOW a kid who would love a new toy train!

Head on over to Toys R Us {with your coupon} and pick out a new wooden toy train.  It's FREE, no purchase necessary.  You could always donate it to a shelter, gift exchange, Goodwill, Toys for Tots at Christmas .. 

Click to Print this coupon.

Print them for your relatives too, and go to the store together to score the entire set! .. But that's just an idea. {wink}

Thanks to CouponingToDisney!

-Becky Charms

Saturday, June 23

Dr. Mehmet Oz's The 48-Hour Weekend Cleanse for a Healthy Liver

liver cleanse Dr. Oz healthy living eating whole foods

Not sure what you're up to this weekend, but Mr. Google and I have decided to take a journey and do Dr. Oz's 48-Hour Weekend Cleanse.  I originally had the idea to do a cleanse for my liver because I'm sure I've abused it until this point and felt I owed it to my liver to feed it something "yummy" and give it a break from processed food. 

Every shopping trip I buy fresh fruits and vegetables, but tend to buy the same "regulars":  apples, bananas, cucumbers, carrots, lemons, limes, lettuce, squash, grapes, cherries, with some cilantro and onions.  This time we bought everything on the list above, including ginger root, fennel bulb, and the oh-so-popular kale!  I'm so excited.

I must go now to chop the ingredients and off to bed I go. 

What I plan on learning from this cleanse:
  1. Getting more sleep.  There's no need to stay up until midnight every night. {I just did!} 
  2. Eating a greater variety of foods.
  3. Inspiration to challenge myself more: my body, my mind, my soul, & my spirit.
 Let's do this!!  It's Go-Time Baby .. {in the words of Buddy Valastro, The Cake Boss}

-Becky Charms

Friday, June 22

Chic & Crafty Thursday Link Up Party Fun

Every Thursday, Heidi at TheFrugalGirls hosts the Chic & Crafty Party where you can link up from your blog with your new favorite recipes, diy decor ideas, craft projects, helpful cleaning tips, and much much more.

recipes crafts decorating tips baking sweets treats coupons couponing deals discounts

I try to link up whenever I've actually DONE something during the week .. well, the truth is, I'm always doing something, but it takes me much longer to focus and create the article/post.  It requires far less time to try the recipe, photograph the process, and upload the photo .. The long part is editing and decorating the photos; putting that cute little "BeckyCharms & Co." somewhere on the picture.

Thanks to TheFrugalGirls {Heidi} for hosting the party; my recipe for Easy 3-Ingredient Pumpkin Muffin Cakes was one of the most-viewed links!  Thank you, everyone!  It really is super easy!  I encourage you to try them, and customize them to your liking.  

Here's a preview and link to the original post, with an additional link to the party.

pumpkin muffin cakes cupcakes fall harvest frugalgirls recipe baking
 See the original post by BeckyCharms.

Visit and join in the Chic & Crafty Party which features this recipe and many other awesome recipes, decorating ideas, and crafts from some very talented people.  

Come and have fun!

-Becky Charms

Tuesday, June 19

Grilled Stuffed Burgers at Home

This kicks us off on our Grilling season.  This Stuffed Burger Press was so easy to use and to clean.  It is dishwasher safe, which is almost a requirement for me.  I'm not a huge fan of raw meat, and prefer not to touch or cook it at all, but these days I prefer eating at home and knowing what is going in my food.  
  cheeseburger hamburger stuffed ketchup grilling

We filled some of these bad boys with American cheese, cheddar cheese, ham & cheese, mozzarella, .. the cheddar and American were very tasty.  You could fill them with anything, say bleu cheese crumbles, grilled onions and peppers, grilled pineapple, cilantro and onion, jalapeƱos, peperoncinis .. meat loaf?  How about filling the inside with a chile relleno?  I'm IN!

We seasoned the meat with salt and pepper, and then hit them with a little sea salt on the grill.   As Chef Anne Burrell says, you must season your food.  It's the secret of a Restaurant Chef.

Eat that, Bobby Flay .. in fact, in his honor, our next stuffed burgers will have some green chiles and spicy pepper jack cheese.  Yes!  

cheeseburger hamburger stuffed ketchup grilling press Williams Sonoma

This new kitchen grilling gadget is very affordable, and even though it only makes one stuffed burger at a time, the time goes by very quickly, and it's fun to do with a partner.  One person touches the raw burger, and the other puts in the filling.  Fun for two, but very doable for one.

cheeseburger hamburger stuffed ketchup grilling

Hmm, the limes are just a staple in this house.  We ALWAYS have limes.  Really.  Always.   We should really plan on growing a lime tree.  Note to self .. and to you.  If you find that you ALWAYS have limes in your house, and you've yet to grow your own, consider buying a dwarf or full size tree. 

cheeseburger hamburger stuffed ketchup grilling

This picture screams "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME.  I'M STUFFED".  Literally.  Stuffed full of ooey gooey cheesy goodness, begging to be devoured and messier than a 6-dollar burger commercial.  More delicious, too.  If you've never grilled your own burgers, it's so easy and they taste so much better than fast food.  So fresh.  So juicy.  Full of flavor.  As some say, "Om Nom Nom".  We say "Num Nummies".

With the 4th of July approaching soon, get your ingredients ready to have the best grill-out ever!  Put these grilled stuffed burgers on your menu, and no one will miss the party.

 Yumm.  It was dinner.  Happy Grilling, everyone!

-Becky Charms

Sunday, June 17

Almost 2-Bowl Chocolate Fudgey Skillet Brownie

A few weeks ago, we went to Las Vegas for 5 days .. and on the way there {and again on the way home} we always stop in Primm to go to the Williams Sonoma Outlet.  It's is a major highlight of the trip.  We could .. and do, spend hours in there browsing, looking, holding, touching, and eventually buying .. 

One of my purchases from this past trip was a 12" Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet by Lodge Logic.  Knowing that there are tons of things you can do with one, I wanted to start using it as soon as possible so it didn't become one of those piled-up items in the corner of the attic, the closet, the garage, that never sees the light of day.  I'm over that phase in my life.  I used to buy things and only ever wanted to look at them so they would stay brand-new forever.  Now, I open new gadgets and toys right away and start using them.  It's a process, so if you're still in the previous stage, hang in there.  With a little self-talk and coaxing, you too can transition into the "use it" stage of life.  It's much more enriching and rewarding. 


brownie skillet cast iron chocolate recipe sweet treat dessert

So this is the 2nd time using the skillet, and I wanted to bake in it .. I've watched enough Food Network shows to know what the butter and cream should look like in the pan .. I like that; knowing what it should look like before I attempt it myself.  I do some research beforehand.  I don't like to waste ingredients. 

Once the butter and half and half {or cream} are ready for the chocolate, you must stay close so your mixture doesn't burn.  This is where having your ingredients ready {Mise en Place!! .. thank you Chef Anne Burrell} are essential.  Measure everything out first and have it handy so when you need it, you won't have to run all over the kitchen in a panic looking for it, in turn making an even bigger mess than necessary.  Been there, done THAT!  Plus, not only am I the Baker, the Prep Chef, and the Cook .. I'm also the Cleaning Crew!  If my husband's heard it once, he's heard it a dozen times:  Rinse Your DISH!!  

Mix your chocolate, until it's melted .. I melted mine almost all the way .. I wasn't too concerned if there were small lumps or chunks, because in the end, it was going to be in my brownie .. which would then be in my tummy!

brownie skillet cast iron chocolate recipe sweet treat dessert

Whisk it, mix it, pour it in the pan .. set it in the preheated oven, and check it at about 25 min ..

My first time through {which was last night}, I checked the doneness at 35 min, per the instructions I received.  At that time, it should have been gooey, but as you can see from the picture below, it wasn't.  Though still absolutely delicious, I believe the time depends on what size skillet you use, and mine is a 12".  To be safe, check your brownie at 20-25 min, and then remove or bake longer accordingly.

brownie skillet cast iron chocolate recipe sweet treat dessert

I really enjoyed how EASY it was to bake this brownie {notice how I say "this" as if it's just one big brownie that I have no intention on sharing! .. Hahaaa}.  Anybody can do it, and you can add virtually whatever you want to it; nuts, chocolate chips on top, m&ms, .. I'm thinking Oreo chunks would taste good. 

Let me just say, that I already had to cut up the rest and freeze it for later, or we would have it all eaten by TODAY!  Just knowing that there is a 1/2 stick of melted butter in this recipe makes my mouth water. 

Lodge Logic, you've got a good thing going here!!  I LOVE my Cast Iron Skillet ..  Just using it makes me feel like the Pioneer Woman.  {insert smile and wink here}

 Visit BeckyCharms Collection for this and many other delicious recipes.

-Becky Charms

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